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about MHOC
MHOC is currently a non-profit organization.(no official licence at this time) MHOC currently does not sell advertising space. Milkman has purchased and is paying out of his own pocket the Fee's for MHOC. If you wish to have banners or links on our site, please send us a computer related product to review. All reviews of products will have links to its manufacturers/distributors page, its "official page", as well as any possible retailer that distributed the item to us. After a working relationship is developed permanent advertising arrangements maybe made. Any free items given to MHOC for reviews will be used by the reviewers to review the product and then returned, used to expand MHOC, donated to needy organizations, or used as door prizes at events sponsored by MHOC. Under no circumstances will any items given to MHOC be resold. Companys who donate prizes will get free advertising for two months before the LAN and one after the LAN on the main site. After that they will continue to be recognized for their contribution on our past events pages.
There are a multitude of people who help make this Site and Lan possible. None of these people are getting payed, but all deserve their credit, so be nice to the staff. All reviews and articles will be clearly labled as to who the author is.
Currently MHOC sponsors an annual LAN party in Yankton SD. If you wish to attend please see our LAN page. If you would like to donate a prize, please contact Milkman
Milkman has final say in all content on the MHOC websight. People who wish to help with the site can, and will get full credit for any work they do on/for the site.
Subdomains can be given out to those who help with the site, and/or those willing to pay for their share of bandwidth and storage that their subdomain would use. Any opinions expressed in these subdomains are the expressly those of their authors.

MHOC LANs Support our Local Library!!!
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Fight for the Future

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