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There and Lost Again

World of Warcraft
Server: Darkspear (PVP)
Recruiting?: Yes

What type of guild is There and Lost Again?
We as a guild, are mainly concentrated on group activities, whatever that may be within the context of World of Warcraft. We're not specified really past that. As a guild, we've got quite a mix of different playstyles. Everyting from casual gamers, to powergamers, to quest-fanatics, to item/gold collectors. We're not focused on much more than staying a cohesive guild that interacts well with one another and is stronger when together than when solo. We urge our members to help other members to level, afford training/equip, quest, collect and anything else. Members first, then power we feel. If you're looking for a powerleveling, mega-loot guild, we're not the ones for you. We're laid back moreso than anything. We're out for a fun time, not a rat race persay.


CT Mod
Deadly BOss Mods
Guild Armory Page

How do I join?
Well, first off, find one of our recruiters online or contact one of them on our forums. We recruit based on what these recruiters say so if you can impress/have impressed them, they'll send you on your way towards membership. We believe in speeding the process up but keeping it quality as well. If we don't think you're a match, we'll let you know right away instead of stringing you along.
Do you raid?
Of course! But there is no requirement that says you HAVE to raid. As a guild we have been raiding since the MC days of yore with varying sucess. As of WotLK addon release we have focused on 10 man raiding and been quite sucessful, although the occational 25 man raid still does occur as population warrents.

For those courious, our raiding progress.

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